Free $1 Demo Donation

Free $1 Demo Donation

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šŸ“£ Welcome to the ShoppingGivesĀ Donation Demo ExperienceĀ 

We will donate $1 to the charity of your choice when you add this product to your cart and checkout!

  • Imagine this as any product on your siteā€” you have full control over how much is donated, whether that be by % or $, and to which cause you are benefiting!
  • The description of your product will not be altered.
  • If a product is eligible for a donation, this customizable donation widget will display on the product page.
  • Our widgets will take on the look and feel of your site to further educate customers on the potential impact each purchase has the power to make through a native and seamless giving experience.

šŸš€ Add this product to your cart and checkout (for free) to demo the full experience! Yes, we will really donate $1 to the cause you select!Ā 

ā­ļø Want some ShoppingGives Swag Bucks? Book a meeting on the "Thank you" page after you complete yourĀ Free $1 donation demo and earn $25 in ShoppingGives Swag Credit!Ā 

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